About Us

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Our Approach

Our boutique kennel is located in North Brevard County on 2.5 acres.

The kennel has 4 indoor/outdoor runs that are 35' feet long and the inside is fully air conditioned. The individual indoor housing insures that puppies and adults alike are properly handled on a daily basis. All dogs are allowed free run on the beautiful landscaped property. This insures a healthy sound body to match the sound temperament.

Our facility is also home to KenRo Giant Schnauzers which include 4 generations of BIS Giant Schnauzers

Our Story

Kenro Kennel has been serving the dogs of Florida and surrounding areas with a top-notch facility where we not only regularly rotate the dogs from indoor to outdoor spaces but also provide lots of love and care.

The facility is in the Mims, Florida area and is within minutes of the surrounding city of Titusville.

Next Step?...

Don't just take our word for it. Check out location images from our facility.